Engineering Consultants
Ithaca, New York

Specializing in Nanofabrication and Optomechanical Design

Illuminaria is an engineering consulting company founded in 2004.  Its personnel have over 10 years of experience in nanofabrication and optomechanical design and construction. 

Illuminaria can provide the following services upon request:

  • Photolithography Mask Design and Fabrication
  • Microfluidic Mold Construction 
  • Prototype Lab-on-a-Chip Design and Fabrication
  • Instrument Consulting Services Available
  • Optomechanical Design Services using Autocad10
Other services available
  • Small Business Grant Collaborations are Welcome
  • Competitive Bidding
  • Free Estimates
  • Proposal Writing
  • Quick Turnaround
For a list of available equipment at the Cornell nanoscale Facility can be found at
    Please email for more information or qualifications: