Engineering Consultants
Ithaca, New York

Specializing in nanofabrication and optomechanical Design

Illuminaria is currently working on several projects.  These include:

Lab on a Chip Forensics

We are targeting the rapid and portable detection/analysis of DNA using its featured product, the nano DETECT. This system utilizes nanotechnology to perform automated sample purification, DNA purification and diagnostic real-time PCR in a hand-held device.

Target Market

There is a growing market for such portable diagnostic instruments, as evidenced by sharp increases in U.S. Governmental funding in this arena. In addition to Governmental funding, industries that use laboratory testing to detect pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing agents have a need for rapid and accurate results. Devices that incorporate multiple laboratory processes into a semi-automated, miniaturized format can meet this need.

Company Product

nanoDETECT is capable of performing diagnostic tests in a rapid, miniaturized format. By automating the complicated features of current diagnostic techniques, the product should greatly simplify the diagnostics procedure. The nanoDETECT can identify biowarfare agents such as Anthrax, food pathogens such as E. coli and Listeria, as well as human DNA sequences used in forensic DNA-based testing. The entire detection process, from automated sample preparation to results, takes less than 60 minutes to complete.

Business Strategy

Illuminaria plans to target the food industry for initial sales of the nanoDETECT system.  Illuminaria will use a razor/razor blade model for its products.  The target price for the instrument is $20,000 which is comparable to the price of competing products.

Reconfigurable Optical Switch

In a collaboration with Cornell University, Illuminaria is working on a revolutionary optical switch based upon microfluidics.  Funded by the United States Air Force, this switch has the advantage of universiality and speed which surpasses current optical switches.  Research in ongoing on this project.
3D Video System

In a collaboration with Synceros, Inc, a 3D video system is being developed for use with manufacturing systems.